The Importance of Telling our Story (and Hearing Yours)

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Everyone wants to tell their story. We all desire to be heard. The value of hearing other people’s stories is that a story helps us make sense of our complicated world.

The Story of Sedona

SEEK will continue to tell the tragedy in Sedona story. Three beautiful lives lost due to ignorance, arrogance, and a reckless disregard for life. And it seems that people are still interested in hearing this story.

the story of sedona

I had the opportunity to be interviewed along with Connie Joy, who wrote the book “Tragedy in Sedona” and Beverly Bunn, a courageous participant of that tragedy who has repeatedly come forward for interviews and has continually supported SEEK. We were  interviewed by Paul Viollis of Security Brief on October 8, 2015. The episode will finally air today, Tuesday, October 18. Current stations are listed here:

Watch the full video here.

I was informed that if you don’t live in one of these areas, they will be putting our episode on YouTube a week after it airs for one day. We will post that link when we receive it.

The Comeback Story of James Ray

James Ray feels he has had a chance to tell his story in the documentary produced by CNN, “Enlighten Us: The Rise and Fall of James Arthur Ray.” It has been featured at film festivals around the country since last April. We have not been informed when that film will air nationally.

We saw this 90 minute documentary at the Film Festival in Tribecca, NY. We sat in horror watching CNN portray Ray’s attempted comeback as a credible thought leader after his incarceration, while omitting important facts about his behavior in Sedona as well as critical information that surfaced during the trial. In the film, he says that Sedona had to happen for him to grow and have more to teach about overcoming adversity. Our hope is that people watching this film will be able to discern his statements as narcissistic and possibly psychopathic. Please read our  full reaction.

We are profoundly disappointed that CNN would be interested in telling his story, but not in getting the full story by hearing ours. Ray is re-inventing himself with skewed and false information to make money, while we have left paid employment to create SEEK, dedicating our lives to help protect people from charismatic charlatans like Ray.

James Ray Sedona

James Arthur Ray at his trial

Your Story

We need you to tell us your story. Have you been harmed financially, emotionally, physically in a self-help event or by a “guru-like” teacher? Scams abound and often those harmed are reluctant to come forward. Of all the people affected by the tragedy in Sedona, CNN could only find 4 participants willing to talk about their experience! Help us warn others about possible harm and provide guidance to choose credible help when seeking to grow personally or professionally. Tell us your story here (scroll to the bottom of the page). You deserve to be heard!

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