Some thoughts on the Eve of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve at SEEK Safely

I have always loved the “day before…” The day before Thanksgiving… the day before Christmas… the day before vacation. For me it is always a day of energetic doing, and the feeling of accomplishment after the hard work of cleaning, cooking, baking, packing, etc. etc. It is a day filled with excited anticipation for what will come tomorrow.

However, I know tomorrow will not be the day Kirby suddenly appears, suprising me as she did many years ago. I know tomorrow will not be the day when all my children and grandchildren gather around my table.  (We live in three different countries!) I know tomorrow will not be the day when my home, my work, my life feels complete and totally satisfying. No, tomorrow there will still be loss, longing, discouragement and more work that needs to be done.

However, Thanksgiving is a day to be celebrated in the now, not the past. It is a day to be thankful for what is, not sad over what is missing or disappointing. We all live with loss, grief, confusion, challenging situations, emotional and physical pain. Comparisons to times past cause expectations that are impossible to materialize.

So for this Thanksgiving, if you are grieving a loved one, or feeling personally lost and  discouraged about life in general, don’t allow the past or the challeges of life to define your day. Pay attention to the sadness, but only allow a small visit–don’t invite it to sit down for dinner! Use your energy to prepare for what is. Sit down to feast on the present, be with those who love you, soak in the blessings of today and the bright possibilities of tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Beverley Bunn on

    Happy Thanksgiving Brown Family. Miss you all and love you much. Your wise words bring me present in the moment of now. Thankful for our relationship, courage and strength that Kirby brought to all of us. Together hugs all around. Have.a blessed day. 🦃🍁❤️


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