Dr. Glenn Doyle reminds us not to fall into the self-help Not-Good-Enough Trap

Here at SEEK, we often ask our readers “what are you seeking?” The self-help climate that surrounds us is constantly touting our need for more: more money, better relationships, more productivity, more happiness, a change to BE MORE. That constant messaging leaves many feeling, “I am not enough.”

We love this simple but insightful post by Dr. Glenn Doyle. This article reminds us that in the search for self-improvement, it’s easy to get distracted by the promises a program or teacher offers, and we sometimes lose sight of who we are. He wants us to instead remember that the reality is, we are enough. In a clinical setting, with a psychologist like Dr. Doyle or in my own therapy practice, we will ask clients to reflect on past struggles, so they can tap into the tools they already have to deal with a present challenge. They usually have the answers.

I have seen people make real, substantive changes in their lives. I’ve seen people get happier and more satisfied with their lives. I’ve seen people change the level at which they were living in profound ways. And it didn’t take profound, esoteric knowledge.

In most cases, it took reminding them of things they already knew.

— Dr. Glenn Doyle

A psychologist I respect recently asked me if I thought Kirby went to Sedona without realizing her own value. I think in wanting to expand her business and her life, Kirby may have lost sight of who she already was and what she already had.

Never let anyone convince you that you are not enough and that only their expertise can magically change your life. Look at who you already are, appreciate your talents, abilities, and accomplishments, and then decide how you want to build on the foundation of YOU. We are often stronger and wiser than we think! Read all of Dr. Doyle’s post!

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