Well, sometimes things do not go according to plan. Torrential rains greeted us Monday, morning, July 23, the date of our SEEKing Golf fundraising event. There were predictions of thunder and lightening which would close down the golf course.

As a result, we have rescheduled our Golf Outing for MONDAY, OCTOBER 1 at Mansion Ridge in Monroe, NY. We will hold the Benefit Concert by SCOTT HELMER on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 at Thomas Bull Memorial Park, Montgomery. Mark your calendars to attend one or both events!

There are so many good causes looking for support. Everyone is busy, working hard, and feeling financially stretched. So, why turn out to support SEEK Safely? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Every day we get new viewers on our site, looking at information on the Red Flags and The Promise.  We need to keep our website robust and current.
  • We receive emails from around the world, thanking us for being a voice of caution for unregulated self-help. We need to keep those supporters engaged and active to expand our reach.
  • We work with former “insiders” in the industry who are concerned about on-going abuses. More investigation is needed to expose stories of abuse and encourage people to share their experiences.
  • Recent news about abusive cults which began as self-help programs have erupted in New York, and Sedona, necessitating further research.
  • As with sexual abuse, it takes a long time for people who have been harmed emotionally, financially, or physically to come forward with their stories.  Many are hiding in the shadows of shame, embarrassment or have been silenced by powerful gurus who can pay off anyone posing a legal challenge. We help give them a voice.
  • We’re working with the NY State Senate and Assembly, and the NY Department of State, to create a Bill of Rights for consumers of self-help events. Legislation is currently being discussed and refined before going to a floor vote.
  • Most importantly, SELF-HELP is EVERYWHERE… Messages to Change your life, improve your relationships, gain financial freedom, deepen your spirituality are on TV talk shows, magazines, on-line programs, industry training programs. And a portion of those “teachers” are inspirational, charismatic charlatans who have no real training or credentials to offer advice. SEEK exists to empower consumers to ensure a productive investment of time and money instead of falling victim to these abundant scams!
  • We are KIRBY’S voice… letting her life inspire and her death save others!

Follow Scott Helmer’s cross country tour, raising money for good causes nationwide, and join us in September to see him live while supporting SEEK!

Scott Helmer, who will be performing to benefit SEEK Safely #countrymusic #selfhelp

Scott Helmer, who will be performing September 29th, to benefit SEEK Safely

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