#HappyBirthdayKirby Toast February 8th


Last year, we started a fun little event to honor Kirby, the inspiration for SEEK Safely. (Learn more about Kirby here.) As mentioned in our New Year’s post, we are going to celebrate Kirby again with a #HappyBirthdayKirby toast!

So get ready! On February 8th, mix up a favorite drink (alcohol optional) and join us on Facebook or Instagram to toast Kirby on what would be her 48th birthday. Feel free to share videos or pics with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayKirby. We also love to hear memories and stories of our adventurous Kirby if you knew her personally.

If you wish, you can use this opportunity to support SEEK Safely. We have a fundraiser set up on Facebook, which you can share on your own page. (You can also set up your own fundraiser to support SEEK at any time!)


As a quick refresher, SEEK’s mission is to:

  • educate the public about finding safe self-help while avoiding scams
  • promote safe practices within the self-help industry
  • push for legislation to protect consumers of self-help

Your money helps us maintain this website and expand our reach to further our mission. This year we hope to increase engagement across all of our platforms, create more diverse content, and help enact legislation in New York State to protect consumers.

Thank you always for your support. We hope you will join us on February 8th!

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